Grilled BBQ Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich

This isn't so much a recipe as it is an idea. But it was one of my best. It was the ultimate comfort food for a Wednesday afternoon. Makes one sandwich. Ingredients 8 oz sliced mushrooms BBQ Sauce of your choice (I used Newman's Own Original) Two slices rye or sourdough bread (I used Schär … Continue reading Grilled BBQ Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich

Tikkaway Grill

The spot in New Haven where I’ve eaten most often, and with good reason, is Tikkaway Fresh Indian Grill. It never tastes better than when being eaten cross-legged in bed, straight out of the biodegradable container. The concept is similar to Chipotle, but with Indian flavors and ingredients. They cater to both veg and non-veg … Continue reading Tikkaway Grill