The spot in New Haven where I’ve eaten most often, and with good reason, is Tikkaway Fresh Indian Grill. It never tastes better than when being eaten cross-legged in bed, straight out of the biodegradable container. The concept is similar to Chipotle, but with Indian flavors and ingredients. They cater to both veg and non-veg customers and they do it very well. The combinations seem limitless. Everything on the menu, other than the meat items, are vegetarian. In addition to the meat, vegans (100% plant-based) should avoid the paneer, a couple of the sauces and the mint and raita chutneys. To be sure, you can view their allergen information right on their website and on their menu.

To begin building your meal, you select your base. You can choose from a roti wrap, rice bowl or salad bowl. Next you pick your filling. The choices include various Indian spiced meats, aloo (potato), paneer (Indian cottage cheese), vegetables, and chana (chickpeas). Then you choose one or more of their flavorful sauces including masala (mild), korma (mild), madras (medium) vindaloo (spicy) and tikkaway (mild). Dal, Madras, Tikkaway and Vindaloo are all vegan. If you are plant based like me, and like it spicier, you can add green chilis at the end. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed with the heat if you add this in.

Once you’ve chosen your base, filling and sauce you have the option of adding an assortment of fresh and cooked vegetables along with cold chutneys such as mint, raita, tamarind or mango. If that wasn’t enough, you can add a samosa or papads on the side. The papads are as light as air and satisfyingly crispy. Both of these items are plant-based and worth the extra calories. You can even order a Samosa Chaat which tops their samosa with different chutneys and vegetables resulting in a foodie’s paradise.

Being plant-based, I love the fact there are so many different ingredients I can enjoy. The options never get boring and my taste buds rejoice every time I visit. They have two locations. The main location, which is open 7 days per week, is at 135 Orange Street. The second location is closed on Saturdays and is located at 55 Boston Wharf Road, Boston, MA 02210. My fingers are crossed that they will eventually expand to my area but I would seriously consider moving to New Haven or Boston just to be able to eat there on a regular basis.

If you’re in the area, check them out and let me know what you think.

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