I have been plant based for about 8 years now. I only ate whole foods for the first 4 years and then I got off track when my life turned upside down a few years ago. I’ve been struggling to get back on track ever since.

I’m doing better lately. I am still eating processed, convenience foods but I’m eating them a lot less than I had been and have been cooking more. I’ll probably never stop eating plant based (dairy free) ice creams and store bought plant milks. No one will ever mistake me for Martha Stewart. But I do try to make my own soy yogurt and I’m starting to learn how to make my own “meats” and “cheese” so I can avoid the fillers and additives in commercially processed choices.

Despite all of this, I was so encouraged while shopping at the supermarket today. There are more and more plant based vegan options in the mainstream and Stop & Shop is beginning to place them on the same shelves as the non-vegan foods where people will see that they have other options without having to visit a special aisle.

Leave a comment and let me know where you are in your journey of plant based eating. Are you a junk food junkie? You’ll find no judgement here. I love learning from different perspectives.

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